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Cyber crime

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*नाबालिग बच्चों ने किया क्राइम तो जेल जाएंगे मां-बाप या पालक*
भोपाल। यदि आपका नाबालिग बच्चा कोई क्राइम करता है तो उसके माता पिता या पालक या फिर वो व्यक्ति जिसकी संगत में बच्चा क्राइम कर रहा है, जेल भेजा जा सकता है। उसके खिलाफ पुलिस जेजे एक्ट की धारा 83 के तहत केस दर्ज कर सकेगी। इसके लिए सात साल सजा और पांच लाख रुपए तक के जुर्माने का प्रावधान किया गया है। हालांकि, केस दर्ज करने से पहले पुलिस बालक और उसके संरक्षक को न्याय बोर्ड के सामने पेश करेगी। केस दर्ज करने का फैसला बोर्ड ही करेगा। 
किशोर न्याय अधिनियम-2015 आदर्श नियम-2016 बालकों के देखरेख एवं संरक्षण अधिनियम में संशोधन हुआ है। डीआईजी डॉ. रमन सिंह सिकरवार ने इस संबंध में जिले के सभी थाना प्रभारियों, सीएसपी, एएसपी और एसपी को संशोधित अधिनियम का पालन कराने के निर्देश जारी किए हैं। 
शुक्रवार को जारी हुए निर्देश में जेजे एक्ट की तकरीबन सभी धाराओं को विस्तार से समझाया गया है। डीआईजी के मुताबिक जेजे एक्ट की धारा 75 के तहत बाल विवाह को क्रूरता माना गया है। ऐसा करते पाए जाने पर बालक के संरक्षक को आरोपी बनाया जा सकता है। पुलिस अमूमन ऐसे मामलों में शादी रुकवा देती थी या बाल विवाह अधिनियम के तहत कार्रवाई करती थी, जिसमें दो वर्ष तक की सजा का प्रावधान है। 
*केवल जघन्य मामलों में होगी बच्चों के खिलाफ FIR*
सात साल से कम सजा वाले अपराधों में बालक को आरोपी नहीं बनाया जाएगा। ऐसे मामलों में बालक द्वारा किए गए अपराध को डे डायरी (डीडी) में दर्ज किया जाएगा। डीडी को न्याय बोर्ड के सामने पेश किया जाएगा। बालकों के खिलाफ वही अपराध दर्ज किए जाएंगे, जो सात साल से ज्यादा सजा वाले (जघन्य) हों। इससे कम सजा वाले अपराध भी तभी दर्ज होंगे, जब बालक ने इस अपराध को अंजाम देते वक्त किसी वयस्क का साथ लिया हो। 
*अंगभंग कर भीख मंगवाई तो भी खैर नहीं*
एक्ट की धारा 76 के तहत 5 साल की सजा और एक लाख जुर्माने का प्रावधान किया गया है। यदि बच्चे के अंग-भंग कर भीख मंगवाई जा रही है तो ऐसा करने वाले धारा 77 के तहत भी आरोपी बनेंगे और सजा ज्यादा होगी। ऐसी ही कार्रवाई बालकों से नशीले पदार्थ की स्मगलिंग करवाने वालों के खिलाफ भी की जाएगी। 

*राजधानी में लागू, अब प्रदेश की बारी*
चाइल्ड लाइन भोपाल डायरेक्टर अर्चना सहाय के मुताबिक संशोधित अधिनियम के तहत कार्रवाई करने के लिए थाना प्रभारियों और सीएसपी से मिलते रहे हैं। लेकिन वे कोई आदेश न होने के कारण कार्रवाई से बचते थे। डीआईजी ने शुक्रवार को ये निर्देश जारी कर दिए हैं। प्रदेशभर में इसे लागू करवाने के लिए डीजीपी ऋषिकुमार शुक्ला से भी समय लिया है। 

Sweet at the faded fade

“Sweet at the faded fade”
Nivedita saxena
Due to the festival of festivals, the fragrance of dishes starts coming from our homes; In our Indian culture, there are some big festivals like Diwali and Holi, where the festival begins to start from the past few days. Make clean house decoration and dish.
According to the Indian tradition, on any major festival, chivda, salted sweet papad, gram flour, gulp, fried lentils and regional custom dishes are made in homes.
The festive season is a natural matter, sweet, otherwise the guest’s movement, the people do not have “calorie conscious” on it or eat sweet. In such a situation, the situation of peacetime would have come to the host, how to make a guest .
60 percent of the people still have a taste for sweet or festive breakfast. Because the same hosts are changing with time, due to their busy work habits and illnesses such as diabetes and heart-related diseases, the importance of low calorie dishes, Considering these priorities of the family, some utensils have been launched keeping in mind the “Offers Food Industries.” Also appears enrichment fusion “.
In the same way, the dry fruits or dried fruits have taken place in the same dish, the confectioner is also engaged in making various kinds of sweets of these dry fruits, especially in which the demand for “sugar free dessert” has been highest.
Except the same fried salted salt, the importance of saline made in the microwave has increased, as most people now avoid most of the oil.
Attention comes when every festival was first used when the dish was made, then the house was disposed of by dishwashing of each other’s dish, and the plate did not return empty and returned with some sweet.
At the same time, the nature of all the Teej festival is changed even though the fireworks are prohibited in the name of “global warming”, while the firecrackers are burnt, it is considered. After the rain, the pots, gado and pauses leave the mosquito larva in the water, which is the result of malaria and dengue. Due to the fact that the change of season begins, larva can be eliminated everywhere so that only one day the crackers are run because rupee, pa To avoid being sick, not to be ill, ie to work hard to achieve Lakshmi. The purpose of pollution is not to pollute the environment, but to eliminate the disease fungal and insect mokade and other larvae around it. Will kill the soul, it is also considerable that we should not even kill the micro-organisms that are inside us, and let them also suffer.
Why do we burn fireworks or even banned for New Year or any other day or any victory? The beautiful decoration of houses and mind Bhavsinh Rangoli, the flavor of the day, the fragrant dish in the house is the fullness of Diwali.
,,,,, responsibility,
India is a country where it is seen from reality that there will be a unique match of culture and science or medical science, which reflects the season’s adaptability or transition period, therefore, welcome the Diwali to the sweet and not sweet. Hearty Wishes to the Readers

Back benchers

,,,,, “back banchers ,,,,

It is said that the one who remains behind is aware of the activities that follow behind and also the right strategy till going back and forth.
Always come back to hear that never sit behind, sit ahead, because the mind does not develop much after sitting back. Whether it is a class room or other program, the same enthusiasm of the next seat is right, even after every action and activities appear clearly. It is possible to stay ahead, move ahead, move forward only. There is a mentality in which the people who sit behind the lower intelligence or less backward. One thing is that the Beck Benture Class Room You will find a lot of moneylenders.
Now the talk of teenage age and the present bak vesture, which keeps the whole class upset, it will also be placed at the back. But it is difficult to understand the reality. Kishore mind is like a trapped tornado, solving it will be like a challenge if the thing do . Their devils also have different motives, one can not get out of their world, attract their attention to the teacher or say in the same sentence that we are also paying attention to us.
If you look at reality, a teenager is surrounded by confusion, that period of age in which he gets young from childhood, and between him, the condition is called adolescence. There is a physical and mental change in this. But if a student’s time is spent in either family or school, according to the time changes, some things have developed around the students. Showing backward parents and teachers and which Ateha in the moral values of life in reality.
For years, one thing is sure to be seen which is also true as the Manchhore Beck Venture student is seen on the highest peak in the summertime. Or it also said that he did not even stand on his own strength. If the things of these Beck Bactre However, it is not necessary to understand these punishments and punishments.
Beck Bentrere mostly had to hear that you can not do anything in life, you are in vain, there is a burden, or you do not come to school, can not pass, such a person can listen to negative expressions for yourself, even a common person himself In reality, I would like to understand that there is a negative person in it, because when anything goes above the saturation point, reality is also put aside, the student will go to those things. Ada will be switching between display wrong way or because could be bleak for their future is a teacher who is closest to the parents.
With the hindrances of age, the person’s mood, nature and its gestures change, some talkative, some introvert and some instability. We are doing the same thing which is a weak link ie the ones we need to pay more attention nor neglect it. As it is, just like a room diwali, two are beautiful and systematic and the other is without plaster and broken. Do we leave those two bad windows to organize the room. Nge or it will just work exactly the same way back benchers us that our much needed.
Continuous mental pressure and propaganda that the student is weak, so that he was put behind it, in such a situation the parents also created such an image that our child is not really weak, that is why he should choose his unending and depression or the wrong way of life.
Most of the common knowledge of Beck Benture is seen more than those who sit ahead, and the level of practicality will get the highest respect, humility can be seen in the best way.
Beck Bennure was seen to be the highest price of creativity and innovation, but to complete any task before time, it was seen more and hard work was also seen in most of them.
Our responsibility, ,,,,,
Beck Benture is not going backwards in life, it is the equanimity that will automatically give the child a golden future. It is necessary to understand them, to understand them, why their mentality differs. No child is born a man and a devil. But the circumstances make him